Cambridge West Partnership, LLC

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Our Services


  • Education Master Plan
  • Accreditation Support
  • Support for Student Learning Outcomes & Student Assessment Strategies
  • Curriculum Development and Review
  • Enrollment Management
  • Classroom Efficiency Study
  • Team Members: C.M. Brahmbhatt, George Walters, Fred Trapp, Debbie DiThomas, Linda Lacy, 


  • Facilities Master Plan
  • 5-Year Construction Plan
  • Space Inventory
  • Initial Project Proposal
  • Final Project Proposal
  • Capacity to Load Management
  • Facility Planning for Bond Programs
  • Total Cost of Ownership - Building Projects
  • Team Members:  C.M. Brahmbhatt, George Walters,  Ardith Richey, Linda Lacy, Pradip Brahmbhatt


  • Student Centered Funding Formula
  • 50 Percent Law
  • Budget Allocation Models
  • Policies and Procedure Development
  • Audit Support
  • Fiscal Health Risk Analysis(FHRA) for Districts
  • Team Members:  C.M. Brahmbhatt, George Walters, Karen Cant, Pete Cruz, Jim Austin,  Kevin McElroy,  Louise Straling, Chris Yatooma


  • Technology Plan
  • Process Improvement
  • Hardware & Software Analysis
  • Total Cost of Ownership - IT
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Team Members:  C.M. Brahmbhatt, George Walters,  Deborah Ludford,  Henry Eggers, Linda Welz