Cambridge West Partnership, LLC

Education ▪ Facilities ▪ Fiscal ▪ Technology

Education ▪ Facilities ▪ Fiscal ▪ Technology

Education ▪ Facilities ▪ Fiscal ▪ TechnologyEducation ▪ Facilities ▪ Fiscal ▪ TechnologyEducation ▪ Facilities ▪ Fiscal ▪ Technology

Our Firm

Our Collective Experience Includes:

  • Educational and Facilities Master Plans for more than 30 community colleges and 7 educational centers 
  • Developing building/facilities programs for community colleges that total more than $2 billion 
  • Resourcing more than $600 million in state funding for California community college capital construction projects ​
  • Developing Facilities Master Plants to support successful bond programs 
  • Institutional support for specialized educational projects 

Our Philosophy

Planning Through the Academic Program of Instruction

All planning on the campus flows from the program of instruction and student support systems. Understand the curriculum, the disciplines & programs that comprise it, and ensure these needs are met -- the rest of campus planning will follow. 

Planning Through Collaboration

 A collaborative plan is a usable plan. The proof and worthiness of a plan is whether or not it is used. A usable plan has been built with and has the support of the college constituency base. 

Planning Through Integration

Integrated planning is successful planning. For every action there are secondary reactions. The changes that are created within the structure and culture of the institution as a result of the planning process need to be taken into consideration and carefully integrated in the existing fabric of the campus. All plans must be integrated into a unified whole supporting the District's and Colleges' vision, mission, and goals